Corn Whisky

44.4% VOL

Bottle: 750


Our multi-award winning Corn Whisky – Cask Strength, now at 44.4% alc./vol. Made from 100% Ontario corn sourced from small family farms through our friend Mark Hayhoe at K2 Milling. Brandon and Don mashed and fermented the grain, double-distilled, then set it to age for just over three years in a re-charred American oak wine barrel. Unlike our sCorn Whisky, we used unmalted corn for this cask.
What came out of the cask went into the bottle.  The only thing added was RO water to bring it to  proof. There are absolutely no additives in our whisky. No artificial caramel colouring, no unaged spirit, no syrup. Just straight whisky, as it should be. 

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